Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Better Be Good!

Look at that murky greenish water!(wonder how the fish survive?)

Look what I found!!!!There are 2 actually..he!he!

It was a mixture of murky and muddy composition!

Nearly cramped my hand washing these matt!

Back from the office at 6, I made up my mind to get the job done...that is cleaning the pond. Changed my cloth and a decent short, i started late at 6.30. This because i bought a wrong battery for the bubble pump (to be inserted in the temporary container for the fish).

To tell you the truth, i might clean up my pond..errr maybe another 6 months! It requires a huge amount of energy to do the task. I need to scrub the mud/dead algae,in the pond, in the SC.(Luckily only 2 SC involved). Check out the blue matt! full of debris/fish waste ..i don't how to call it and of course, it smells like a $%&* spirit! he!he!

I finished doing all the major cleaning around 7.59PM.Take a quick bath with shampoo shower etc.., prayed and continue the work. Poured an anti-chlorine, the moved the fish back to their new fresh clean home. It took nearly 2 hours to fill the pond with tap water.

Conclusion :

I had a bad experience/valuable knowledge today on how to clean the pond AND that not it... the main thing is...HOW TO BUILD YOUR POND with a top notch preparation!!!! I DO HAVE that knowledge now!

Wanna know how???

Monday, April 4, 2011

Share some wishful thinking

Hi, it's been a while now. Today, I want to share with you guys (off topic) on what's in my thought lately.

1. Life is short - Prepare yourself in spiritual and lots of planning ahead
2. You have to do something good in your life, a target to achieve or something..at least do something that you want to do.
3. Love your loves one. You don't know when the time come...:)
4. If you have kids, love them, be their friend, be a good father(give some carrot, give some cane)
5. Enjoy life..life is great, it does not reflect at all whether you are rich or poor. it's all depend on how you control your life.
6. Money is not a big issue (some has) because if you have lots of money but you don't have time to spend it or worst to come ..you don't have time for your family...that's pity!

Hope this will enlighten you guys & for me as well..food of the day!

have a nice day!