Monday, April 4, 2011

Share some wishful thinking

Hi, it's been a while now. Today, I want to share with you guys (off topic) on what's in my thought lately.

1. Life is short - Prepare yourself in spiritual and lots of planning ahead
2. You have to do something good in your life, a target to achieve or least do something that you want to do.
3. Love your loves one. You don't know when the time come...:)
4. If you have kids, love them, be their friend, be a good father(give some carrot, give some cane)
5. Enjoy is great, it does not reflect at all whether you are rich or poor. it's all depend on how you control your life.
6. Money is not a big issue (some has) because if you have lots of money but you don't have time to spend it or worst to come don't have time for your family...that's pity!

Hope this will enlighten you guys & for me as of the day!

have a nice day!

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