Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello It's been a long long time I did not posting in this blog. My pond's Update: Nothing much... Still in good condition. I have not cleaning my filter almost a year now. What i do is (if i'm in the mood ..hehehe) changing the water but normally the rain will do the work. All 9 kois in the pond are in good shape, 8 grown up well while 1 is getting bigger than before (I found it in my 1st filter) My grape's vineyard (huhuhu): At last! only 7 grapes 3cm in diameter. I shared 1 grape with my daughter, half bite.just imagine a small portion of a grape.


  1. Gambar kolam diambil pagi tadi 4/12/2012 time nak pi kerja. Dekat setahun dah tak pernah cuci filter tapi kondisi air masih jernih dan tak berlumut. LUmut tepi2 tu memang purposely tak buang, just in case nak balik kampung, ada ler makanan original, daun pokok kemboja pun depa balun smacam jaa... hehehe

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