Monday, January 31, 2011

My Koi Photo Shoot

I plan to take photos to every koi fish that i have. Interesting project... and of course it will be a disaster collaboration(hope not) with my loyal companion, my twins and my princess.

For those who are still searching for the right koi or fish for their pond, i suggest you buy it in a different sizes. Why? Because from my experience(less than a year,huh!huh!), you will see their growth by comparing the smallest with the biggest one. I can see a lot of growth in my smallest koi that i've bought the same day with the biggest one.

The tricky part is, my pond is quite deep and i don't have the net!(gotta buy one!)And of course, a temporary place for the shooting. Herm! I think my wife's big coctail bowl will do the work. After all, i've never seen her using that bowl.shhhhhh!

Please do not offend to those who has $$$ koi. The most expensive koi that i have is only RM15.

It's good to be proud of what you've rather than killing your own self esteem to others.
My english is getting worse and worse!)


  1. cant wait to see the pics! dont forget to snap the water as well. i m exited coz i will be building one for myself once i move in to our new house! thinking of getting your advice though! hehehe

  2. CNY..Most of the shops are still closed. I planned to this project during CNY holiday.Hopefully, today, the shop will open for business.

  3. Dear sir, been reading this blog since few months back, expecially on the filtering system. Once the contractor finish their renovating job, i'll start with the kolam. Most probably i've to ask u personally regarding the kolam. Btw well done! Kamil

  4. Thanks for the compliment. It took several months researching and googling(and of course,bought several ebooks)for DIY pond.(i did'nt find one at all, actually!)
    So, this blog is actually dedicated to those who wants to save $$$, experience DIY in pond making etc. I'll help as long as it's not beyond my knowledge..he!he! drop me some question if i can help, i will...indeed.