Monday, January 24, 2011

Pond Update


Hi. It's been a while now. Kindda busy somehow,somewhere...Anyway, just wanna share some update on my koi pond. Nothing much, just added 2 big vases(taken from my great great grandmother's house)with lots of cattail plant. All of it are free. For those who wants this plant for free and live around alor setar area, just ask me and i'll show you where you can get it for free and easy. :) It has it's price in the market ,you know. Just ask Nursery, you have to pay for RM 20.00++ or higher.

And my koi are doing just fine. Well fed and i can see growth. Can't control algae but constant maintainance on changing water and cleaning matt(filters) will do the work. What do you expect from direct sunlight..+ algae = **spirulina**LOL

P/S: How's my english,guys? Haven't write or speak for ages!!!!
since birth..huhuhuh!!!


  1. How is ur fish?
    stil swiming hapily ?hehe

  2. fish aaaa

    All of them live happily ever after....the end.
    So far no fish has died because of over fed or murky water or even worst tap water (klorin)in it. I might post in in english whether my english is bad or what so ever. Here's the best part. we can all learn english from now on!

    Comments are welcome, no matter how good or bad your english are.

  3. yes. agreed with that. learn to speak and write in english slowly. it's better late than never!
    by the way.. i love ur koi pond. can u estimate the total cost for built up this pond?

  4. Overall cost that i can estimate is about RM 1500++ plus with the fishs.

    If you want to reduce the cost, better make a survey especially on the materials i.e tiles, pumps etc. That will do the trick!

  5. been waiting for a while for your new post. glad to hear that the kois are ok. any close up photos of kois and water? love to see. tq

  6. I'm kindda busy lately. The kois are in good condition and well fed. (Thanks to my extra food given to my kids.he!he!)

    I was shocked actually, because last week i changed the water using tap water AND nothing happened to the kois. No anti-cholorine was added.

    I heard yesterday that my neigbour lost 6 kois due to that same action.

    My conclusion :
    DO not use tap water in the evening (5-7pm) because i heard chlorine will be inserted during that time..donno??). OR...
    Do not use tap water for kois!!! ever!!!

  7. haslah...seems the water is not too clear...what happen to the filtering system? it doesnt work well? Why this happen?

  8. indeed bro. I was confused with the water quality thou. If your read my previous post, i told that the water is crystal clear at one time. I still can't figure it out why this happened. I also asked of my friends(pond maker, and he said it was because of the weather and no shed at all.
    In my opinion, UV or filtration can't control the water from being clear all the time. I've seen lots of pond in Northern area which have the same case.

    As long the fish are ok, i would say i', pleased. Oh yeah! by the way, I regularly changed the water(once/month, flushing and cleaning the filter(1 in 2 months). anyone who can help?

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  10. Salam...bro, if u dont mind, can u please share with the proportion, i mean the ratio if your pebble and cement itself. i tried few times before, but the result was terrified. what happen was, after i let it dry, and then washed with water and use soft paint brush, the pebbles were loosed and washed out. please do teach me master =)

  11. I'm so sorry, I didn't notice your post,bro. If you are still following my blog, here's how it works. Fill your cement bucket with water, maybe 1/2 of the bucket. Then pour some cement gently (dusty)into a cement bucket until its cover all the water.Let the water dissolve with the cement. A good mix is when you can see a wet surface on top of it.Only a wet surface.

    Let it rest for a while, maybe 3 to 4 minutes. Then using your tool, mix it until it looks like a melting ice cream. Then, it is time to pour the pebbles in it. Pour until (while mixing) you find lots of pebbles sticking to each other(no gap), that mean that's a good ratio.
    When you apply on surface, make sure you make a small holes. lots of the for sticking purpose. Wet the surface but not too wet. Just sprinkle it. Then apply the pebbles, level it it until you finish covering your work area.

    Lastly, maybe 20-30 minutes, before the cement getting hard, take some sponge and a bucket of water, clean the pebble, gently. You have to make sure the cement is still not 100% harden, maybe 80%,like so.
    Rub all the pebbles with the sponge until you see only the pebbles. And...whallaaa, you r done, bro!

    (Info : You can leave that mixture for a night if you don't mix it, it cant be harden.)