Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 out of 9

Hey guys,

As promised, uploaded are 5 out of 9 of my koi. 4 of them are very hard to catch...out of 4, there's 1 koi that has white skin with yellow dot on it.The rest are almost the same.

This is the biggest so far and the most expensive..he!he!

When i bought this one, it was 1/2 of its size.

Bought the same day and same size with koi3

This orange koi is the champion in terms of growth among their friends.


  1. can see why the first one is the most expensive, she is the prettiest! hehehe

  2. Ha!ha! ha! I bought her only for RM15. Koi enthusiast will give me a sarcastic look when talk about her beauty. Pity her!

  3. why don't you give them a name bro?
    much easier to recognize! :)