Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Settling Chamber (SC) flow


I made up a simple sketch for khairul regarding on how the SC/piping works. This is just a basic idea. Anyway, just in case if you still can't figure it out, drop me some questions,Ok. This knowledge is based on my reading and my proven testimony (my pond). It works!


  1. sir,
    why cant we just use the straight pipe?

  2. Because:
    1. on the 1st SC, we layered with matts and filtered water will be on top.Then, it travel through the pipe, goes down and also the water from the 1st filtered SC will go through layered matts..and we got cleaner filtered water back to the pond. got it?
    2. We made the pipe as a route to let the water go through the matts. just like water filter at home.
    3. If we use straight pipes, there will be no point of filtering the water.

  3. TQVM bro....
    aku ade paham skit2...
    camne lak ngan setting utk filter system...