Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beijing Trip

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My 5 days trip to Beijing was not as happy as i thought. The food was too salty, oily and worst to come their toilet was horrible. I'm not sure about the air quality, it was foggy, not sure from vehicles or from the sand storm.

I get the chance to visit Great Wall, Summer palace etc. Took nearly 1000 photos!It was breathtaking to see with your own eyes on of world's 7 wonder. If you like to see historical, beautiful scenery..then this is the place!

If you plan to visit China on a package, be prepare to visit at least 5 Government shops like pearl, silk, medicine factory etc..That sucks!

Last day, we went shopping at silk market. The price was totally outrages,I can't tell you how stupid the price was. Just imagine, I bought a Jeep Jacket where the original price was 2400 yuen!(RM1200). How much you want to bargain??? If you ask for 400yuen(RM200)then you are totally been "slaughtered"! bad experience when shopping there!

In my opinion, Shanghai is much better than Beijing. Only the weather, last time I went, it was -1 degree!!!

Star rating on Beijing : 3/10

Some photos to share.

Bird Nest Stadium - A stand storm appeared after the photo shot, so we didn't enter the stadium.

Summer palace - The emperor was a.&%*^.i can't explain it...all the places visited was all humongous!(what for?, maybe to show power)

Beijing Hard Rock Cafe

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