Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Koi jump off the Pond

Hi Guys

Has this incident happened to anyone of you guys? it happened few months back. So I realized I might share with you.
I read lots of articles and ebook on how to keep minimum water surface fro the edge of the least 6 inches. Mine is more than 12 inches BUT she still can jump off the pond. I think this is a rare case. Luckily, at that time I still awake, heard a knocking sound, 5 minutes later I came out, and saw her bleeding,with her mouth searching for someone to give her CPR.huhuhuhu!

For those who wish to build one, this factor matters.


  1. Yup of course... even my koi 2ft length can jump and died... whole story about my dead koi fish could be found in my blog...

  2. Bro, kolam saya tak sampai 2 inch pun dia punya gap tu.. tapi takde ikan lompat pun.. dulu kolam lama saya ada jugak yang tak puas ati pastu lompat kuar, bangun pagi dah mati, tapi semenjak wat yang baru ni.. filter besar sket, bagus la tak lompat dah pun.. yang saya tau la ikan koi lompat or ikan ape2 pun sebab kualiti air yang kureng sket.. atau die sakit..

  3. senasib la kita..baru jer beli jelawat rm35 x smpi 2 jam dah mati..