Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hi Guys

i decided to share on basis, on how to build a pond.

For those who wants to build their own pond, the common thing that we all know,want is try reducing the cost.

Let's get started :

1. decide where to build the pond. when you have a place in mind, visualize what kind of pond do you want.
2. do some homework on how to do the labour work such as concrete, plaster, piping etc. I'm not going to go deep on this.
3. There are several tools you need to have such as grinder, concrete/mortar tools from time to time, i spend around 2-3 hundreds on tools.( become handy for other projects)
4. Once you got the general idea, draw an outline of your pond on what to do, what needed etc.

I,ll go phase by phase, together with the tools and things needed.

5. start digging. it's better to dig bigger than actual size because you can have a space to work.(you never know what buried under it, mainhole,piping,hard rock etc).
6. After you got the space, the first thing to do is to make a base and wall(don't make it high at first. Please refer my post.

to be continue......


  1. bro...

    saya tengah nak DIY filter kolam ikan. tengah cari filter yang sesuai. setauu saya kena pakai lain2 jenis kat compartment lain2. apa jenis yang nak kena pakai? kat mana nak cari?

    tima kaseh.

  2. boleh guna pasir kasar, masukkan dalam jaring kecik, ikat. lapik dgn jaring bakul mcm bakul sayur pasar borong tu (kalau filter 4 segi). Ni untuk bagi base yang flat. Ataupun boleh guna kulit kerang. kalau nak simple guna filter kat kedai laa..yang warna biru yang saya beli tu..banyak lagi caranya.